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Me & Logan/Ebonwoulfes

As most everyone knows I am currently traveling with Logan. And on a nearly weekly basis I seem to get two regular questions Why? and When? I have been meaning to post about this for awhile now and my time has been limited, but here goes the explanation and hopefully this will answer the question for all you curious people. :)


Logan can be a very controversial person and can be very outspoken regarding his opinions at times. In many ways I am similar to him in that regard. Maybe not quite as outspoken on such a wide base of topics, but I'm not afraid to speak my mind when I feel that I need to. Luckily I haven't gotten into too much trouble doing that so far, though it is whispered quite often behind my back that I am a bitch for it. :) Many people choose to be more subtle or to not involve themselves at all no matter what the situation is or how it effects them. I'm not cut out that way. Therefore I need someone who is familiar with my mindset, who isn't afraid to speak up, and has experience dealing with the consequences of speaking up - both the positive and the negative. Logan does.

How can he assist with the Laurel aspects of my SCA? In some ways he can't. However, where else can someone who is pursuing heraldic display get as many chances to get their work displayed(and used regularly)then with a fighting household? While he doesn't know a great deal about actual construction, he has a terrific eye for how things should look and always takes the time to point out various things to look for to make things look even better. He also encourages me to take my time and perfect my art. As for guidance on documentation, Laurels can be very open and helpful people, many don't require you to be an actual student of theirs in order to gain their assistance or advice. So I'm covered! And there also happens to be a Laurel in the household... :)

As for the Pelican side. Logan also has a great deal of experience autocratting and is familiar with Atlantian laws and policies. So when it comes to running an event, or if I should ever decide to be a Seneschal again, he's a pretty good source for me to go to. And the Ebonwoulfes have one of those Pelicans too...

So while Logan may be a Knight, and not a Pelican or Laurel, he can offer me all that I am looking for from a Peer. I know it is not a 'traditional path' and I understand that there are many who don't feel this is the best choice for me, but it is the path that I have chosen and is one that I have every intention of remaining on. The last thing I want to do is make my SCA world all about that 'one cookie'. I have to have more and it has to be a broader base. I have as much fun sitting on the side of the field cheering the guys on as I do running an event, or making a new banner. If I concentrated on just one of those aspects, I would find myself very bored with the SCA very quickly.

The other side of the coin is that there are some amazing people within the Ebonwoulfes. When you swear fealty to Logan you gain not only a Peer but an entire family of some of the most amazingly talented people. I don't believe there is a single thing that that household could not achieve if they put their minds to it.


When it's time. There's no date set at this point, and there's a chance that there won't be one for a good long while to come. I promise, cross my heart, hope to die, that everyone will know when it is going to happen. At this point we are still feeling everything out and making sure this is the correct decision for everyone. Again, it isn't just about a Peer/Student relationship, but about joining a 'family'. When it occurs my hope is for it to be at a Baronial event where the majority of my friends can be there.

Hopefully this will take care of a few of those questions that keep coming my way. I know many people are doing their best to look out for me and are concerned about my choice in this matter, but it truly fits me better than any other option that I have been presented with. He understands me, understands where I want to eventually end up, and I truly believe that he knows the best way to assist me getting there. However, please keep in mind that I am my own person any actions I take are purely my own. While he may offer guidance, the ultimate decision will always be my own.

3:12 p.m. - 2006-06-13


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